‘O Munaciello was born this way, from a dream. A dream of a group of friends, started in 2005 and now carried on by Valentina, the owner, who works every day with determination and really believing in that dream.
A dream made of Naples, of good but also beautiful pizza, and of passion. Lots of passion.

With Love From Naples

We were a group of Florentines in love with Naples. Particularly the Spanish quarters and their separate and unique world of smells, tastes and colors, screams and chaos. A wonderful chaos! A world so fascinating and beautiful to us that we wanted to bring it to Florence. So we recreated a corner of Naples in the large hall the terracottas of Maestri Ferrigno, where our customers can find the all-festive atmosphere of the south. And to open to the public for the first time we chose September 19 (that was 2005), not just any day: San Gennaro, patron saint of our beloved Naples.


Even our name, ‘O Munaciello, originates from our love for Naples.
“O Munaciello” (in Neapolitan literally means “little monk”) in fact is one of the most famous and characteristic figures of Neapolitan tradition. It is a character, some say invented others really existed (we like the legend also for this aura of mystery), represented as a deformed little boy, or a person of short stature, dressed in a habit.
O Munaciello is a character who plays tricks, games, and can bring good luck or bad luck. We, see him as something mysterious but sympathetic.
Just like the Neapolitans.

Pizza 100% Napoli

The pizza is classic Neapolitan, true, handmade pizza-loving Naples so viscerally we couldn’t help but open a pizzeria,
and in the kitchen everything is freshly prepared.

The dough rises 48 hours. The products are all Italian (even in our pizzerias in the United States), from the cherry tomatoes, to the mozzarella, through the fresh provola and olives, to the flour. Wood-fired oven. And to fully enjoy our pizza you have to eat it as soon as you take it off the shovel and place it on the plate, still steaming and on the spot: at ‘O Munaciello the atmosphere also makes a difference.

And for the more curious and eager to discover Naples, we also have on the menu some other dishes of Neapolitan cuisine, such as pasta patate e provola, babà, pastiera or cuoppo di mare.


Naples and Italy are our roots. Roots on which our future is based and will be based, which we want to be in the world. We are already present, in fact, as well as in Florence, in Miami, since 2017, with no less than two locations (the second was opened in 2022). And the will is to open new ‘O Munaciello in the United States of America and soon throughout the rest of the world. Per permettere a tutti, ovunque, di assaggiare un pezzo di Napoli.

National and international awards

‘O Munaciello Miami has received Gambero Rosso International recognition for four consecutive years with only three other pizzerias 
in the United States of America.

In 2022, at Pizza Expo Las Vegas, the pizza of our own Carmine Candito and the
‘O Munaciello took the top step of the podium in the Pizza Napoletana (verace) section and topped the competition for World Pizza Champion (Pizza Maker of the year).

And we certainly don’t want to stop there. This is just the beginning.

Come and enjoy at our locations

‘O Munaciello, from Naples to all over the world

Dough that rises for 48 hours, the best Italian products, and a wood-fired oven. This is the recipe we have devised to allow everyone and everywhere to taste the real pizza Neapolitan verace.


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